Free radicals are well-known enemies of our body’s immune system and the health of our skin. One of many originators of these free radicals comes from undergoing conventional cancer treatments (breast cancer and others). During treatments, a patient’s body is bombarded with free radicals (inclusive of the skin) stemming not only from radiation exposure, but also the drugs involved and surgery, which attack the immune system. In order to heal from this onslaught, antioxidants need to be replenished then built up in a patient’s skin and body.

The wound-healing ability of a quality Vitamin C serum is related to its positive effect on collagen production and its antioxidant effect. Collagen requires Vitamin C for hydroxylation, which is a process that allows the collagen molecule to form a stronger molecular configuration. This stronger collagen molecule is needed to give support to the body and skin to enhance wound healing and maintain healthy blood vessels. In other words, Vitamin C protects all blood vessels and has a profound effect on neutralizing the free radicals generated by a wound.

Research has shown that Vitamin C can:

  • Help build strong collagen molecules
  • Stimulate collagen synthesis
  • Lighten and brighten skin tone
  • Accelerate healing by reducing inflammation and discoloration
  • Protect skin from sun
  • Prevent further skin damage because of its antioxidant properties that reduce free radicals

Buyer beware, however, when it comes to finding products that are stable vehicles for delivering Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) to your skin. When repeatedly exposed to light and air, Vitamin C quickly becomes ineffective at best and can be detrimental to your skin care/healing regimen at the worst. When it is compromised, Vitamin C serums will turn a brownish color. Knowing the tremendous benefits of Vitamin C, yet understanding the challenge of making a stable version available, RX System pF came up with a unique packaging for its Age Defense Antioxidant Serum C, giving it the best possible protection from light and air. This serum is packaged in individual packets in a light-controlled environment, removing as much free oxygen as possible before they’re sealed. It has a 20% free acid concentration and a pH of 2.6. This packaging and delivery system is nearly without worry as to whether it has been rendered ineffective from exposure to light and/or air when you open a packet to apply it.

The fact that using Vitamin C is more than a preventive measure for your skin’s health can be great news for those dealing with already damaged skin as a result of radiation burns, scarring from surgery or immune system damage from chemicals. Finding a quality, stable version will get you well on your way in the healing process and to less visible skin damage.

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