MAC artist make-up series October listed 1

Art would be the world of professional make-up brand Mac抯 DNA. An order to obtain more inspiration, to manufacture a fall season loaded with creative new color MAC Cosmetics Outlet, MAC will invite three famous Texas artists - Marilyn Minter President (photographer), Richard Phillips (famous painter), Maira Kalman (famous illustrator) join hands to build up a whole new MAKE-UP ART COSMETICS series, the series is actually abbreviated MAC Cosmetics.In your MAC Cosmetics culture, art and make-up boasts a long and inseparable relationship, inside arts, artists, canvas painting, to color, styling brushes; in make-up world, a face and the entire body is usually a final make-up artist canvas, cosmetics and brushes playing the role of painting tools. Which describes why, MAC along with other special look into cross-border cooperation in the field of arts.Ms. Marilyn Minter, famous photographer, and he or she in art and fashion aspects covered, the hue of one's rainbow provides a special preference in the Tiffany jewelry paint flash, the girl with a perfect interpretation of such flashing neon lights on your MAC grasp the light appropriate. Peoples including the type concentrate on Minter extraordinary and delightful image, and select a visible that has a damp to your interpretation of ambiguous: red lips, spots of light ghost, star Yao shine, like a silver dagger inside the paint splashed, set off a marvelous significant color. Whitney Biennial, the artist said, " Minter hasn't ever met a 100 % think they may be beautiful models", all this observation has experienced an extended stretch of time to clarify how she expressed using the concise explaination MAC is associated, this really is, an individual has a good looking moment! The MAC is full of fantastic magical stars powder, the choices give everyone factor about outstanding!Richard. Phillips MAC surprised even himself this project, he makes use of professional PHOTOSHOP photo retouching photo software, and MAC exaggerated, trend, brimming with fantasy set the fashion sense in to the subject of painting, and through several Block colorful eye shadow, blush and lipstick to produce a MAC Cosmetics Outlet Beauty produce. Andy Warhol in 1985, guest within the "Love Boat"?on the same spirit, Richard. Phillips in 1998 created the "spectrum" paintings, he launched an appreciation plot color paintings of women as well as in this technique of cooperation while using the MAC was re-created, so the hand-painted portraits of old magazines like elements have a nice fresh make-up, marking a new era!To gallop visual diary is well known worldwide, Mai. La Coleman are going to be MAC colorful, eye liner and eye shadow numerous performance a tiny bit dreamy, for a beautiful dream: as children everybody is stuffed with quaint and colorful like. Maira Kalman paintings suitable for the MAC, the warm and weird at the same time there, his face brimming with greed and optimism, yet the inner strength will not be ignored: throughout of showing the production of an outstanding and amazing strength!Make eyes more dazzling tips:1. Posesses a bright glossy effect on the MAC will be condensed cream charm, to make your epidermis to create clear as being a crystal grape-like luster, make skin "wet" or "slightly wet" looking results.2. MAC is able to do magic stars powder eye shadow, you can even do other use powder form, the sort of free, trusted, is mostly a professional makeup artist's favorite colors to build partner products. Work extremely well before makeup or fashion eyeliner cream base, then make use of MAC professional makeup brush # 219, # 239, # 242 dipped a bit magic powder star press on the eyelids, to ensure that more fine paste with skin makeup eye shadows to produce a strong feeling of metal or high light at creating beautiful shiny skin.Qualities that make up features it offers associated with a chip upgrade1. Find a shiny texture of MAC lipstick fashion, high color saturation, the temptation to reflecting the lighting three-dimensional a feeling of the lip, showing brilliant results. You can then pick a color all-around nude lipsticks, make lips saucier, sexy, filled with knowledge.2. Elegant makeup eye shadows is to try to produce a chip to further improve the critical temperament, 4 MAC fashion focus carefully selected a compact eye shadow, that come with a portable black square box, to ensure the makeup is a bit more along the way of give the eyes dazzling charm.3. No blooming sense of must fly Yan Alice mascara, eyelash fine roots on the elongated fibers instantly and bold lashes, the initial overlapping all around the "V-shaped" wave design brush, you could make a dense, slender eyelashes immediately in order that the eyes glow.4. Using jet milling technology to form the MAC Blush fashion, texture, thin, transparent, and possesses ingredients protect the actual skin and work out skin look more textured, brimming with health charm.So full of youthful energy makeup tips:1. Bright dazzling colors can ask the Department to create makeup look more youthful. Choose contain 7 substance and color MAC fashion focus small eye shadow, color is pure, an easy task to shading and never easily makeup, and collection of colors cover anything from yellow, violet color, pink to blue, is employed alone, are able to match eyeliner use, make make up more light flashing.2. Contains plant extracts of this MAC soft and smooth texture and wonderful smoked eyeliner, eye shadow with velvet texture having jewel-like shine looking results, lasting 6-8 hours of water is often effectively maintained, rich colors overflowing passion can certainly make eyes more bright, young and attractive blossoms now.

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