Sisley Cosmetics Series Grand Listing Of Plant Care (figure) 5

Sisley Sisley --- the modern world renowned French Cosmetic Brand, this represents a distinguished, elegant great thing about the name, has been specializing in creating and leading the popularity of luxury goods and cosmetics. As a general "beauty school of plants," a pioneer and pioneers, Sisley Sisley with strong research background the "pursuit of excellence" concept, and truly give all products of natural, safe and effective resolve for this season, Sisley Sisley is known for a Qing Li dedication of high quality plant care makeup line, a makeup of each and every plant are full of essence, besides that you should create long-lasting and flawless makeup, while both excellent healthy skin care effect. Sisley Sisley "plant care makeup" series Sisley Sisley "plant care makeup" series 2008 5 22, the famous high-level restaurant from the capital, many celebrity fashion dinner place --- Green T. House, which released the make-up series, which Sisley Sisley "Make plant care "series of grand public. Sisley Sisley, Gm of Miss Peng Jiaying (SusanaPang) of the many fashion and beauty media come together to witness the "plant care makeup" compilation of exceptional quality and extraordinary effectiveness, and wandering around inside makeup belonging to the color on the globe of its own unique artistic charm . Field Training Manager JessieQin Sisley Sisley Lady along with the audience shared Sisley Sisley "plant care make-up" a list of unique product concept, because of the common knowledge of their skin to experience the final respect. She given to: Sisley Sisley "Plant care makeup" series includes looking finish, Lips and eye makeup products 100 of merchandise. Rich colors, several different texture choices to meet the requirements of all kinds of makeup, makeup for ones show your kind artistic. While doing so, at the same time Sisley Sisley "plant care makeup", are full plant extracts, in addition to the most advanced technology with pure natural plant extracts, will keep and make-up double-effect one, so light, through the living texture , care of every inch of skin, giving our skin magnificent, natural makeup sense ... ... Green T. House Restaurant continues aesthetic decoration style, in white tone, together with the overall space more standard and chic, packed with strong visual impact. Hanging cage, straight wooden ceiling of this Qing Dynasty, Yingyingchaochao the Shaman, rife with mood on the paintings and classical elements modern style and also perfect mixture of beauty impact an unexpected. Unique arrangement of staying with the Chinese and Western style, embodies the rich heritage. This particular venue inherited Sisley Sisley brand-specific art, elegant brand image. Conference on that day, Sisley cosmetics artist Mr.AlexandreColaianni arrived in person, guest stars than men live interpretation of "Summer Dream makeup", and the by using make-up series inside variety of Sisley Sisley perfect quality products, rich color, color saturation, in order that it inherits Sisley Sisley makeup unique artistic temperament, she's rife with vividly embody the arts endowment's design and distinctive personal style. Mr.AlexandreColaianni from the interpretation process is obviously overflowing with blazing feelings, and that is utilizing Sisley Sisley to perfection for those quest for perfect quality coincide. And charm than men during the shadow with backdrop of blooming an outstanding luster, a wonderful interpretation of a low-key luxury, strong, beautiful and moving increasingly manifest. Charges art also marks how to identify Sisley Sisley Makeup Art tour departure.

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