Dark Circles Under the Eye

Dark circles under the eye are characterized by scaly, stratum corneum cells which do not exfoliate normally, pigment laden skin cells, pigment deposits in the dermis, and decreased collagen synthesis.  Dark Circle Eye Therapy is designed specifically to address dark circles, rough skin texture, fine lines under the eye, and crow’s feet.   The Rx Systems PF Exfoliating Facial Mask, Enzyme Complex Peel, Reparative Eye Gel and Intensive Hydrating Facial Mask work synergistically to remove pigment laden skin cells, induce enzymatic activity in the renewed epidermis, increases collagen synthesis, and infuse hydrating molecules into the skin of the eye area reducing the appearance of dark circles, fine lines, and crow’s feet.   It is important to use the specific product and appropriate sequence for the Dark Circle Eye Therapy in order to increase the penetration of each product.  In addition, each product is pH adjusted to enhance the effectiveness of each product in the protocol.  Using an alternative product with an inappropriate pH could decrease or eliminate the benefits of the therapy.

1.  It is important to remove all make up before beginning the dark circle eye protocol.  The Rx Systems PF Makeup Remover for face and eyes is designed to remove any residual makeup and other skin impurities in this area.  In addition to removing makeup before bed, discard old makeup.

 2.  The Reparative Cleanser contains the highest concentration of “glypoic complex” (combination of glypure-L and alpha lipoic acid) which enhances its ability to remove dead skin cells, bacteria, oil, and dirt.  Cleansers are designed to prepare the skin for treatments, therapies, and products and should be adjusted based on an individual’s skin type.   

 3.   The Exfoliating Facial Mask which contains kaolin, molecular silicate, and protein gently exfoliates scaly, stratum corneum cells and pigment laden skin cells decreasing the appearance of dark circles under the eyes and skin discoloration in the eye area.  Avoid the upper eyelid skin and excessive rubbing, pulling, or stretching the skin around the eye.

 4.  Neutralizer is applied to prepare the skin creating a uniform layer of hydration and adjusts the pH of the skin to enhance the effectiveness of the enzyme complex peel.

 5.   A short contact Enzyme Complex Peel avoiding the upper eyelid skin is applied for 2-3 minutes (which can be increased 1 minute for additional treatments up to 7 minute maximum) and then removed. This enzyme complex peel is a unique combination of enzymes rather than the single enzyme products on the market.  It is designed to restore normal skin growth, exfoliate dead skin cells, and replenish enzymatic activity.

 6.   Reparative Eye Gel which contains the trademarked ingredient “glypoic complex” is applied to enhance the removal of pigment laden skin cells, improve skin cell growth, reduce pigmentation in the dermal layer, and stimulate collagen synthesis.  Avoid the upper eyelid skin and any excessive pulling or stretching of the skin around the eye area.

 7.  The Intensive Hydrating Facial Mask which contains the hydrating molecule, sodium PCA and other natural humectants infuse moisturizing molecules into the skin.  This can be used on the upper and lower eyelid.

8.  Maximum Strength Moisturizer which contains the moisturizing molecules of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E, in addition, to other natural humectants are applied to restore the skin’s pH and moisture content.  This can be used on the upper and lower eyelid.  In addition, the Facial Moisturizer SPF 35 with transparent zinc oxide can be used if one is going out in the sun.

Particularly, the day of treatments, drink water, decrease salt and alcohol intake, avoid cigarette smoking, and sleep with head raised and face up.  Look at maintaining overall health with weight control, balanced diet, and physical fitness.

Clients will notice instant results.  On the average normal skin exfoliation creates a new layer of skin every 30 days.  To take advantage of the normal skin cell growth cycle, initial eye therapies are recommended at 2-4 week intervals until the benefit plateaus.  At that point, results can be maintained with treatments at 1-3 month intervals.

Additional measures can be introduced to prevent and maintain treatment results.  It centers on one’s home skincare care maintenance program and using other Rx System PF custom, combination therapies and treatments.  We want you to look and feel your everyday fabulous with our new eye therapies.

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