Your Skin's pH

What is your pH IQ? Certainly you’ve heard references to pH levels in your body. But when you hear it, do you know what it means…literally and as a contributor to your overall health?

The balance of acid and alkali in your body is what we refer to as pH. Your body is a combination of alkaline and acid functions, and keeping them in balance greatly impacts your body’s ability to perform at its optimal levels.

Acid-alkaline balance (pH) is believed by many biochemists and medical physiologists to be a highly important trait of a healthy body; and maintaining that balance is one of the secrets to cellular health, as well.

What is the pH of the skin? What creates pH, and why is it important? How does the pH of skin care products affect the skin and each product’s efficacy?

Did you know . . . . .

-pH is the “thermostat” that regulates the skin and the effectiveness (biologic activity vs potency vs benefit) of cosmeceutical skin care products?

-molecules are altered by pH and pH can dramatically alter the free acid concentrations of biologically important molecules?

-pH plays a major role in regulating the aging process of the skin (and body) and protects the skin from environmental stresses?

-the biologic activity of enzymes, antioxidants, humectants, and anti-inflammatory molecules are heavily influenced by pH?

In upcoming blogs, we’ll address the answers to some of these questions in further detail to help in providing you a better understanding of pH issues and possibly help you resolve some of your own skincare challenges.

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